DO YOU KYOTO? 環境にいいことしてますか? WE DO KYOTO! 環境にいいことしてます宣言

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The key phrase “WE DO KYOTO! (Our actions are environmentally friendly!)” is the answer to the question “DO YOU KYOTO? (Are your actions environmentally friendly?)”, and it has spread throughout the world since the birth of the “Kyoto Protocol”. We take the lead, expressing our determination to take eco-friendly action with this phrase.
Why not declare “WE DO KYOTO!” to the world for our futures’ sake?

Let’s make a declaration for our future!

The Paris Agreement, a new framework of measures against global warming, went into effect in November 2016, taking over the spirit of the Kyoto Protocol. The Agreement aims to realize a carbon-free society with no emission of greenhouse gases. Eco-friendly actions taken by every one of us are essential to realizing a carbon-free society. Please declare and take eco-friendly action in your own way to secure a hopeful future.

WE DO KYOTO! Declaration

We declare to carry out the following environmentally friendly actions with the aim of realizing net zero* emission of greenhouse gases. *The “net zero” means that the amount of greenhouse gas released by human activities is curbed under the amount absorbed by tree planting and others.


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Environmentally friendly actions you are carrying out or intend to do

*Please check in the blank column on the left.

  • (Ex.)
    • Purchase food which is produced locally and for local consumption, or food that is in season.
    • Replace incandescent lightbulbs with high efficiency bulbs such as LED.
    • Replace electronic home appliances and cars to environmentally friendly products including EV (electric vehicles), fuel-cell vehicles, hybrid cars, etc.
    • Install equipment that uses renewable energy (solar, etc.), low energy (high efficiency water heater, etc.), or storable energy (storage battery, etc.).
    • Upon purchasing, rebuilding, or renovating a home, choose high thermal insulation building material which is not only good for the environment, but also for my health.
  • (Ex.)
    • Use public transportation services such as trains and buses.
    • Use car-sharing services.
    • Use electronic application systems such as e-filing services, etc.
    • Choose accommodation plans with environmentally friendly services, for example hotels that have the option of not replacing amenities like towels, toothbrushes, tooth paste, etc. every day, or not providing daily housekeeping when staying for extended periods.
    • Rent an environmentally friendly room/house that has facilities which use renewable, low or stored energy, and using high thermal insulation building materials.
  • (Ex.)
    • Always turn off appliances such as lighting, TV, shower, etc. when not in use.
    • Install sudare screens (blinds), reed-screen or sprinkle the ground with water to cool outside
    • areas without using energy.
    • Receive parcels sent to me through home delivery services at its first delivery. *In Japan 20% of parcels are re-delivered. The decrease in the number of times a parcel must attempt to be delivered contributes to a decrease in CO2 emissions.
    • Use a bicycle or walk for short distance travel.
    • Participate in projects held by my community, school and/or workplace that shed light on environmental issues, and/or take part in activities to preserve forest and other natural areas.
  • Discuss with those close to me such as family and friends any actions I could or intend to take that would further projects related to zero CO2 emissions and the goal of a content and comfortable life, both for myself and my community.
  • On returning to my home country, I will take and spread “WE DO KYOTO!” actions in my local community to create a society with zero CO2 emissions.